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    13 People Try Vegemite For The First Time And It's Hilarious

    Not everyone can handle all that vitamin B.

    1. Welcome to Australia, here EAT THIS!

    2. This student procrastinating in the worst possible way.

    3. Another American bites the dust!

    4. Soft, just soft.

    5. Come on Americans!

    6. Brad Pitt was not impressed.

    7. This American lad wanted to make up for his country's weak effort when it came to eating Vegemite, so he ate two jars! MERICA!

    8. Weak effort. Just weak.

    9. Wait, forget about that last one! THIS is a weak effort!

    10. Niall from One Direction forcing it down, and hating it!

    11. Lucy Hale from “Pretty Little Liars” trying it on set...and not hating it. It's something!

    12. Hugh Jackman introducing the delicacy to Oprah.

    13. And finally this Australian baby trying it for the first time and loving it! Thank you baby!