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    Someone Put Tony Abbott In Iconic Movie Scenes And It's Awesome

    Warning: Includes Breaking Bad spoilers and Tony Abbott winking.

    YouTube user Ace Alderman has created a hilarious mash-up of Tony Abbott's head in various scenes from iconic films and TV shows.

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    The videos includes the Australian PM in Star Wars.

    "HERRRREEEE'S TONY!" Tony Abbott hanging out in The Shining.

    Tony being mind-fucked in Inception.

    Tony Abbott in The Matrix. He does think he is "the chosen one" in the end.

    Classic Tony getting screamed at in Full Metal Jacket.

    Oh Tony, always making us laugh. Like when he had his famous cameo in Seinfeld.

    And Tony hanging with the boys in Breaking Bad.

    "Stay out of my territory" should have been Abbott's campaign motto when it came to immigration.

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