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What Is Sad Tom Brady Doing With His Vacation?

It's a long off-season, and Tom Brady is making the most of it.

Tom Brady's season ended earlier than he would've hoped when the favored New England Patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. But now that he's got all this extra time, he's apparently making the most of it. Here are just some of the locations that Sad Tom Brady has been seen in the two days since the Patriots lost.

On a waterslide.

Watching the Australian Open.

In Hawaii with Lennay Kekua.

Working on his tan.

At the aquarium.

At Discovery Zone.

Playing Pop-A-Shot basketball with Andrew Bynum.

Attending the presidential inauguration.

Watching "Silver Linings Playbook."

Hanging out with Lance Armstrong.

The above photos were jokes, of course. Tom Brady's actually still hard at work, already thinking about the 2013 season. Here he is spying on Ravens practice.