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    An Independent Baseball Team In Kentucky Is Holding "Manti Te'o Girlfriend Bobblehead Night"

    Show up early for the imaginary food fight, stay late for the air guitar contest.

    Henny Ray Abrams / AP

    The Florence (Ky.) Freedom will give the first 1,000 fans to show up on May 23rd a bobblehead of Lennay Kekua, the fictitious girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o. As Kekua doesn't exist, fans of the Freedom — an independent club in the Frontier League — will receive empty boxes. Freedom general manager Josh Anderson has an interesting, "Willy Wonka" take on the whole thing.

    This will be the best kind of bobblehead a fan could get, because now fans can make the bobblehead out to be whatever they want it to be.

    PURE IMAGINATION! In addition to free empty bobblehead boxes, the Freedom will "block off and reserve a section of seats for fans to sit with their imaginary friends imaginary friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or spouses, have a "make pretend kiss cam, air guitar contest and an imaginary food fight outside." Reminder: this is taking place a full four months from now, when the Te'o saga will hopefully have died down. They sure do know how to put on a show in northern Kentucky.

    H/T Florence Freedom.

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