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17 Times Brad And Angelina Were The Most Adorable Couple Of All Time

Relationship goals.

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1. When Brad and Angelina rocked the red carpet wearing adorable matching outfits.

Andrew Cowie / Via Getty

2. When Angelina's smile got even bigger as she stood next to Brad and it made your heart fill with joy.

3. When you blushed watching Brad stare longingly at his girl.

Pierre-philippe Marcou / Via Getty

4. When their cuteness levels literally soared to new heights as they cuddled in front of millions.

IFC / Via

5. When Brad showered Angelina with kisses and made you swoon.

ABC / Via

6. When Angelina just couldn't help but show affection for her man.

ScreenSlam / Via

7. When Brad gave Angelina a helping hand on the red carpet.

Robyn Beck / Via Getty

8. When Angelina was pregnant and Brad made you jealous that you weren't a part of that perf relationship.

Francois Guillot / Via Getty

9. When Angelina kept Brad lookin' fine as hell at the Golden Globes.

NBC / Via

10. When Angelina checked back into reality after realizing she was sitting next to the hottest man in the room.

11. When you wondered what adorable things Brad was whispering into Angelina's ears.

Leon Neal
Francois Guillot
Robyn Beck

12. When Angelina got the chicken pox and her boo brought their family to attend the premiere of Unbroken in her place.

Robyn Beck / Via Getty

13. When you could just feel the palpable chemistry between them even though they weren't looking at each other.

Joe Klamar / Via Getty

14. When you had no idea what they were laughing about but their happy faces were enough to make you smile.

Gerard Julien / Via Getty

15. When Brad and Angelina had the most adorable wedding of all time thanks to their children doodling all over her dress.

People / Via

16. When Brad stood by Angelina's side like a true beau as he supported her humanitarian efforts.

Lefteris Pitarakis / Via Getty

17. And when they looked flawless at every red carpet event and put us all to shame.

Eamonn M. McCormack
Valerie Macon
Carl Court

Brad + Angelina 4 ever. <3

Robyn Beck / Via Getty

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