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      It now appears that attorneys John Keker, Jon Streeter, and Chris Young of San Francisco-based litigation boutique Keker & Van Nest will not be subject to professional discipline by the State Bar of California. Afterareview of an ethics complaint submitted by the author into allegations that Keker & Van Nest sought to defraud and mislead the public by intentionally deleting the entire profile of attorney Chris Young from its website — despite the fact that Mr. Young was still employed at Keker & Van Nest — Joseph Carlucci of the State Bar of California wrote, “The fact that the firm of Keker & Van Nest has removed Mr. Young’s name from its web site’s list of attorneys does not, by itself, indicate misconduct.”  The ethics complaint against Keker & Van Nest and attorneys John Keker, Jon Streeter, and Chris Young alleged that Young’s profile was removed from the firm’s website in order to conceal his existence and identity duringaperiod when allegations were being made relating to embezzlement and money laundering by OBAMA FOR AMERICA financial operatives. Young served as OBAMA FOR AMERICA’s Northern California Deputy Finance Director. The original inquiry focused primarily on events surrounding the creation of ad hoc non-profit entity known as CaliforniaALL, which was allegedly used for improper purposes, including embezzlement and money laundering, and was later dissolved. CaliforniaALL absorbed close to $2 million dollars while boasting that it was responsible for the creation ofaSaturday Law Academy at UC Irvine. Further examination, however, clearly demonstrated that the Saturday Law Academy had actually been created several years earlier. In addition to Young, others alleged to have been involved in the above-described misconduct included Tony West, James Brosnahan, and Annette Carnegie (of Morrison & Foerster) Ron Olson, Jeff Bleich, and Brad Phillips (of Munger Tolles & Olson), John Roos and Mark Parnes (of Wilson Sonsisni), Kamala Harris, Jeannine English, Laura Chick, Freada Kapor Klein, Ruthe Ashley, Morrison England, Torie Fournoy-England, Ophelia Basgal, Pat Fong-Kushida, James Hsu, Doug Scrivner, and Mark Friedman, among others. In other related news, the civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit naming as defendants (among others) Keker & Van Nest and partner Matt Werdegar which was filed in federal court is now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The suit was advanced by community activist Daniel Dydzak of Marina Del Rey alleges that defendants — who allegedly run the San Francisco law firm asacriminal racketeering enterprise — engaged in predicate acts ofapattern of racketeering through and by means of obstruction of justice and myriad acts of fraud. The suit further contends that named partner John Keker participated and was well aware of the surreptitious and conspiratorial alliances and unlawful agreements. The action seeks monetary and equitable remedies

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