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    She Asked CrossFit’s CEO About George Floyd. Then Things Got Really Weird.

    “The fact that it went to this whole conspiracy theory side was honestly scary to me."

    The date... June 11! The time... News O'Clock!

    The US has officially hit 2 million cases of COVID-19.

    There’s a new push to stop glorifying the Confederacy, and President Trump seems pretty against it!

    Anna Wintour has apologized to her staff for not making Vogue more diverse in her 32 years as editor-in-chief.

    A new PSA from celebrities about not ignoring racism is waaaaay more cringe than they probably hoped.

    And a wild Zoom call led to the resignation of CrossFit’s CEO. We talked to two gym owners — including one Minneapolis owner who confronted him on the call — about the fallout.

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