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    Listen: “Black Is King” Shows Beyoncé Besting Herself — Again

    “I think that Beyoncé in a way gave us a film that highlighted that African regalness and the historic royalty – showing African people, made by African people.”

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    Welcome back to another episode of News O'Clock!

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock, we discuss:

    1. Lebanon is reeling after a massive explosion that killed more than a hundred people and left thousands more injured. (You can donate to the Lebanese Red Cross here.)

    Mohamed Azakir / Reuters

    2. Progressives had some surprising wins in yesterday’s primaries.

    3. The new Mulan is skipping theaters and headed straight to Disney+ — with one (some say expensive) catch.

    4. Oh, uh, btw: people used to eat mummies. Sorry.

    5. We talk with Gina Cherelus about the layers upon layers of excellence at work in Beyoncé’s new visual album Black Is King.

    Disney / Via

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