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    Why David (Ten)nat Is & Always Will Be The Best Doctor... Always.

    It's no surprise that Ten is the best Doctor - if you don't agree, we are no longer friends. JK (not really.)

    Clearly, some of the best hair in Gallifrey. That shiz must be styled with the finest Adipose residue. / Via

    Seriously...damn. No Pantene Pro-V in those locks.

    Seriously, be proud of that quaft. / Via

    "Damn boy, I made him look goooood."

    He has the biggest heart(s) - See what I did there? / Via

    And I know you secretly (or not so secretly) compare Rose to all his other companions.

    I'm just saying, I'd totes take a Tennant doppelgänger if you're just handing them out all willy nilly.

    He's the best at the whole acting-like-someone-else-while-acting-like-someone-else thing down hard.

    Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 10 / Via Netflix

    "Oh I'm soo sorry, here's my soul..oh JK it's not in there..btw, you probs shouldn't have let me press all those buttons...noobz.)

    He makes your Gramps not seem like a complete lunatic.

    Admit it: He is witty as hell.

    Imgur / Via

    He does wonders to your self esteem.

    He is a fan of the "Good-Old JK."

    Tumblr / Via

    Let's face it, a friend of JK is a friend of mine.

    Even after all he's seen, he can still be surprised.

    Like that one time you found out Captain Jack is the Face of Boe.


    He knows he is amazing. And basically will continue to play up all of our Doctor Who fantasies when confronted.

    Losing him as The Doctor required 2 pints of ice least. / Via

    BRB sobbing...

    He'll leave you on the edge of your seat.

    UH YEAH!!! For future/past/present reference it does need saying!

    And lastly, he gives us geeky folk hope.

    Let's unite under his veil of amazingness.

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