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Diagon Alley - What It's Really Like

After only a month after its opening, I thought it was a good idea to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Below are my true feelings about the experience.

nerdiecricket • 4 years ago

Show Your Fandom At Work (While Still Looking Profesh)

Sure, you'd love to corner your coworkers and talk their ears off about your borderline obsessive love for the BBC but quite frankly, they don't give a shit. Show off your fandom in other ways... and wait for them to come to you so you can be best friends forever.

nerdiecricket • 5 years ago

14 Corgis That Don't Care It Isn't Comic-Con

Corigs: long bodies + short legs = ample opportunities to make them even more incredible than they already are.

nerdiecricket • 5 years ago

Why David (Ten)nat Is & Always Will Be The Best Doctor... Always.

It's no surprise that Ten is the best Doctor - if you don't agree, we are no longer friends. JK (not really.)

nerdiecricket • 5 years ago