Comparing The 1st 10 MTV Movie Award Winners Vs The Last 10

Was this not always a parody awards show?

1. 1992 The first show’s best picture winner—

what a way to start

2. 1993


3. 1994

interesting choice

5. 1996

now that is a bold choice

6. 1997

well, for its time—

7. 1998

it was pretty big, but still

9. 2000

aha, we’re back

10. 2001

mixed feelings on this one

11. And the last 10

also big


14. 2005


15. 2006


17. 2008

hold on a second

18. 2009


20. 2011


21. Bonus: last year’s winner, who could it be


Was there no irony back then?

What happened?

And there’s something really weird about Napoleon Dynamite in there, I don’t know why. Kind of the turning point, really… Nice job, Napoleon

Don’t make me root for ARGO

Edit from 2013: The Avengers wins! Arguably the first watchable movie to win in the last 7-8 years

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