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    12 Reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Be President, According To Facebook

    Why let a silly little thing like the United States Constitution get in the way of destiny? All photos via this insane Facebook group.

    1. He controls the sun

    Using just a pair of lycra buttock-huggers and hair gel

    2. He could be his own first lady

    Nothing puts those fears of global hegemony to rest like a rippling pair of biceps poking out of a crop top.

    3. He'll pay people in wheelchairs to leave him alone

    Just don't touch the loafers with those tyres.

    4. He loves his mum

    Who may or may not be Dustin Hoffman in a dress.

    5. He's like "d'uh!" about climate change

    His Hummer runs on pure sex appeal.

    6. He's not ashamed to show his artistic side

    Hey, Bill Clinton, does your saxophone come with it's own automatic firing device called a "bow"? Didn't think so.

    7. He's totally fearless

    He's not scared of wrapping another man's pointy jaundiced penis around his neck at public events.

    8. After a day at The White House, he'll still find time to be like, "Aaaaw yeah, laydeez"

    "Come blow my bubbles"

    9. He's so alpha he even makes Sienna Miller's haircut look badass

    And he's got the biggest letter opener Washington's ever seen.

    10. He's the reincarnation of Elvis

    What do you mean he was 30 when Elvis died? Why does that matter?

    11. He's too busy taking care of business to fix his blusher

    And what America needs is a President who's less about image, more about action.

    12. He may be Austrian, but deep down he's basically as all-American as bicep pie

    God bless you, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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