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    Make Your Legs Shake This V-Day: These 27 Deals On Sex Toys Are Up To 50% Off

    Before the chocolate and candy goes on sale, treat yourself to a much-deserved pleasure product. 😉 ❤️

    1. 40% off the flexible Bender vibrator by Unbound that can be used internally, externally, alone or with a partner and you can customize it to work with your body to achieve those much-deserved ~good vibes~.

    Hands holding green flexible vibrator

    2. 25% off a too-cute silicone anal plug that dazzles with a heart-shaped gemstone base if you want to add a little naughty bling to your V-Day lingerie or up the ante and explore distance play with its 30-foot remote control range.

    3. 20% off the Be-One couples' toy, which takes the finger vibrator to the next level with four speeds and a surprise "flirt" mode. Not to mention, its ergonomic design allows it to fit effortlessly between your fingers *or* labia.

    4. 25% off Runi's Play Primer, an arousal cream created with aloe vera gel, CBD, hyaluronic acid, and a blend of mushrooms for a libido-heightening product that offers a lot of slip to your sessions.

    5. 25% off the Kyro wand vibrator that includes two interchangeable attachments to turn your already powerful wand — with five vibrating modes and six speeds — into a G-spot vibrator and clitoral stimulator.

    Black and green wand vibrators with silicone attachments

    6. 50% off a realistic dildo designed with abstract colors and 7 inches of length to play with.

    Model holding pink and purple abstract dildo

    7. 25% off the Poco vibrator, which is designed specifically for G-spot stimulation with a flexible body shaped to resemble fingers and dual motors, so they can feel all 16 intensities no matter where it's placed.

    8. 25% off the Trio anal plug by B-Vibe — it boasts a triple motor design with eight intensities and nine vibration patterns to deliver a *very* full sensation with pulsating thrusts. Not to mention, it includes a wireless remote effective up to 30 feet away for hands-free play.

    9. 20% off the Tiger G-spot vibrator, which is designed to make your kitty do everything from purr to ROAR with six speeds and six patterns, as well as a flexible shaft and curved tip to help you reach all your favorite spots. That rumble in the jungle — is that a stampede...or your legs?

    10. 25% off a Womanizer Pro40 clitoral suction vibrator that'll rock your world with six pulsation intensities.

    Rose gold and black suction vibrator

    11. 25% off the award-winning Crescendo 2 vibrator by MysteryVibe, which boasts a flexible design with six motors, so you can be stimulated by every inch and its 16 powerful settings.

    12. 25% off Le Wand's Swerve stainless steel dildo which will blow your mind with its weighted, dual-ended design that can be used for external massage and internal stimulation in any orifice you choose.

    Dual-ended stainless steel dildo with beaded end

    13. 50% off a beginner's strap-on kit that includes a clear 6-inch dildo and wearable harness with adjustable straps.

    14. 20% off the Miss Bi rabbit vibrator, which was featured on Netflix's How To Build A Sex Room and has two rumbly motors; a broad, flexible clit stimulator for an ~almost~ universal fit, and a girthy shaft that'll definitely hug and hit all the right spots.

    15. 40% off an external vibe by Unbound that'll make you cheer for its compact size, waterproof design and unique shape for all sorts of stimulation.

    Orange and violet oval vibrator next to box and aqua and teal oval vibrator

    16. 25% off an innovative anal vibrator, which is designed to simulate a rimjob with seven rotation settings and six vibration intensities. Plus, it comes in three sizes, making it a great option for anyone, no matter where you are in your anal play journey.

    Three anal plugs with wireless remotes

    17. 25% off a luxury thrusting rabbit vibrator equipped with a powerful air pulse stimulator on the external arm for dual-action that'll drive you wild. There are three thrusting modes, three vibrating modes, and three air pulse modes for you to explore.

    Pink and yellow thrusting vibrators

    18. 20% off the Nōs cock ring, which boasts a unique shape with rabbit ear attachments to stimulate your lover's clitoris with each stroke during PIV.

    Models holding green cock ring with rabbit ears

    19. 25% off a glimmering, rainbow ombre Le Wand Petite massager, so you can take your O on the go in style! This powerful vibrator has six patterns and 10 intensities to enjoy them all for a mind-blowing session that'll take you somewhere over the rainbow, get it?

    20. 30% off the Jett hands-free penis vibrator designed with 10 varying vibration speeds and five powerful patterns to stimulate the frenulum and take your pleasure to a whole new level.

    21. 40% off a vibrating silicone plug from Unbound guaranteed to ~shake~ things up with its tapered end and ring handle for easy insertion and removal.

    Hand holding purple vibrating anal plug with ring base

    22. 20% off the Limba Flex, a tapered silicone dildo designed with a poseable shaft, so you can bend and angle it for customizable pleasure. Perfect for solo *and* couples' play...and definitely test it out in a harness 🤫.

    23. 25% off the XO dual-stimulating vibrator, which delivers simultaneous internal and external stimulation with its curved, bulbous shaft and external ridges.

    Model holding pink vibrator

    24. 25% off the Little Sucker suction vibe that'll stimulate your clit with 10 different suction modes, so you can enjoy your favorite kind of oral simulation without all the blah blah blah leading up to it.

    25. 25% off the Kurve g-spot vibrator boasting Hot Octopuss's signature dual-motor design and a soft gel tip for broad stimulation of its 25 speed combos and five vibrating patterns.

    Model holding purple g-spot vibrator

    26. 40% off the powerful Ollie wand vibrator that boasts eight vibrating speeds and patterns for you to explore through its flexible, waterproof silicone head. Important to note that this vibe is rumbly, not buzzy.

    Hand holding mint wand vibrator

    27. 20% off the aptly-named Bootie anal plug, which is perfectly curved for prostate play and offers a wider design to deliver that *full* feeling.

    You, opening tabs in incognito, canceling plans, rescheduling responsibilities in order to get a deal:

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