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    60 Sex Toys To Gift Yourself For Valentine's Day And Feel The Love

    This Valentine's Day, make sure you ~come~ first...💕

    1. A 3-inch plug just begging to be used with its girthy 2-inch width and heart-shaped base. Oh, and it's constructed of glass, meaning it's perfect for temperature play.

    2. A dual-stimulating vibrator that boasts 10 vibration settings and 11 intensities, not to mention innovative suction technology that'll stimulate your clit all the way to nirvana.

    the womanizer duo atop a burgundy knit beanie hat surrounded by twinkle lights and a glass of red wine

    3. A girthy silicone dildo adorned with a heart-shaped base and 6-inch length that'll make you so grateful and lustful you'll think you just got shot by Cupid's arrow.

    4. A petite precision bullet boasting silky silicone and seven vibration modes to tickle your fancy all over.

    5. The Tulips vibrator by Sweet Vibrations, for anyone who's touch-starved and looking to get something more than chocolate kisses and a card — insert clitoral kisses delivered with 10 vibration patterns and five intensities.

    Mint green vibrator and box

    6. The OG Magic Wand – it'll quickly become your most-used toy after you find out how well it relieves achy muscles and erm...head-to-toe tension.

    BTW it's really easy to upgrade your OG Magic Wand, no need to wait — just check out one of these attachments.

    7. The iconic Easy Beat egg-shaped masturbators by Tenga, featuring six disposable strokers with various textures on the inside for a new feel each time.

    8. A 7.3-inch real-feel transparent dildo for the dildo enthusiast that's always looking to add to your collection. This silicone zaddy is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to your insides with a flexible design and 1.5-inch diameter to hit all the right spots.

    Reviewer holding transparent realistic dildo

    9. A minimalist cone-shaped vibrator boasting three speeds and a tapered tip for targeted stimulation. This vibe is a perfect gift for anyone who loves earth tones, plants, and most importantly: pleasure.

    10. A rabbit vibrator inspired by Fifty Shades that adds a freaky element to your annual re-watch of all the films. *Ahem* Mr. Grey will see you now...

    Black rabbit vibrator on pink background

    11. The BuzzFeed x Bellesa AirVibe suction toy: with 10 powerful vibration modes and five suction intensities, it'll leave a tingle in your toes. For what it's worth, the number of leg-quaking orgasms you'll experience with this toy is bound to satisfy.

    Wet red and gold vibrator next to red clamshell case

    12. A miniature wand vibrator with 20 vibration patterns and eight speed intensities, making a great gift for yourself if you constantly (and proudly) bring up your preference for clit or tip stim. This wand is right up your alley.

    Reviewer holding pink mini wand vibrator

    13. A hand-sculpted artisan dildo, just perfect for play with several design options including gentle curves, a suction cup base, and a girth to make your eyes roll back.

    14. The Puff compact suction vibrator boasting five pulsation intensities to help spread the love, leaving you breathless and wondering why you didn't have one before now.

    15. A mellow orange curvy vibrator with a unique floral textured bulb to stimulate you internally or externally and share all the good vibes.