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    • nedh2

      Actually, they missed three things. One, as listed above, them revealing they shared the bed in Paris. Two, Ziva opening up to Tony and kissing his cheek in the NCIS restroom after she rejoined NCIS following her rescue in Somolia and being left by Gibbs in Israel. She was about to kiss Tony romantically, but he suddenly had an epiphany about the case and ran out leaving Ziva disappointed and confused.  Finally, third —- People forget, they DID sleep together!! Think back, when Gibbs left NCIS at seasons end after his coma and went to Mexico to live with Franks. The next season started with Ziva being framed and calling Gibbs to come back to help save her. They clearly implied6months toayear had passed with Tony was the team leader. When Ziva went to the Israeli embassy for answers and information they showed her pictures they had of her on several occasions going to Tony’s apartment at night and not leaving till the next morning. They confronted her about “sleeping with her boss.” Ziva didn’t deny it, her reply was, “where dd you get those photos, have you been following me?” Thus, it was CLEARLY implied that Tony & Ziva did in fact haveabrief affair. At the time, however, true love didn’t develop and Gibb’s return killed everything.

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