The 7 Most Awkward Things That Happen To Me At My Church

While trying hard to do things decently and in order.

1. I try to hide my fatigue by resting my head on my hands, fall asleep, and then wake up suddenly and startle myself.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

2. I get caught up singing and break into the chorus too early.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

3. I try to unwrap a cough drop and suddenly the entire place falls silent except for my incredibly loud wrapper.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

4. I forget an acquaintance’s name and then covertly look him up on Facebook.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

5. I am not sure what kind of hug someone is going for and it turns into a side hug.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

6. During the meet-and-greet time, I hear someone’s name and immediately forget it.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

7. When I visit a similar church but their Communion tradition is slightly different, I try to figure it out while waiting in line.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

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