The 12 Best Signs I’ve Seen In New York City

Everyone notice wants to be noticed. Here are the favorites I’ve seen.

1. This Brooklyn shop’s awning always compels me to read it out loud.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

This is First Place Provisions on Court Street in Carroll Gardens.

2. This Rector Street shoe store’s pretty believable claim.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

3. This somewhat less believable claim by a market in Hell’s Kitchen.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Definitely the most competitive city in the world.

4. The fine print on this midtown establishment.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Always read the fine print.

5. The guys at this Tribeca bodega are clearing some things up for everyone.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

I feel pretty confident I know what I’ll find here.

6. This KFC in Harlem that offers (at least one of) everything.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Sorry, someone just took the hot wing, but we still have the hamburger. Try it here!

7. This artist who is making up new rules on the construction walls in Soho.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Well -“POST NO BILLS” is a common rule, but the others are fairly new.

8. This East Village door which reminded everyone of LOST.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

I liked LOST.

9. This Soho sign which reminded me of LOST.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

I really liked LOST.

10. This reminder that fortune favors the bold.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

Carpe diem, y’all.

11. These terrific WQXR ads in the style of Shepard Fairey.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

November is Beethoven Awareness Month, according to WQXR.

12. …and this voting sign that describes so perfectly what New York City is all about.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

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