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    The 11 Most Awkward Moments That Happen When You Physically Greet Someone

    In the distant future, we probably won't physically greet each other at all. Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow.

    1. The Awkward Denial Because Of Freshly Washed Hands

    2. The Cheek Kiss Of Undetermined Number

    3. The Uncertain Wave At Someone Not Waving At You

    4. The Unintentional Overshot Handshake Turned Wristshake

    5. The Hug Denial Followed By A Half-hearted Handshake

    6. The Hugging Someone Of A Vastly Different Height With Uncertain Arm Placement

    7. The Unrequited High Five

    8. The Denied Frontal Hug Turned Sidehug

    9. The Conflicted Fistbump Or High-five

    10. The Immediately Forgotten Name

    11. The Mutually Undesired Hug