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    20 Emojis All Minnesotans Wish Existed

    Based on suggestions from the BuzzFeed community!

    We're asking members of the BuzzFeed Community what new emojis should be created for their state. Here are the results for Minnesota!

    1. Bob Dylan

    2. Bundt Cake

    Suggested Use:

    3. Spoonbridge And Cherry

    4. Dairy Queen

    Suggested Use:

    5. Gopher

    Suggested Use:

    6. Grain Belt Beer

    Suggested Use:

    7. Grey Duck

    8. Hockey Stick

    Suggested Use:

    9. Honeycrisp Apple

    Suggested Use:

    10. Hot Dish

    11. Ice Fishing House

    Suggested Use:

    12. Lake Superior

    13. Loon

    Suggested Use:

    14. Mall Of America

    15. Mary Tyler Moore

    16. Pink Lady Slipper

    17. Prince

    18. Snow Shovel

    19. Target

    Suggested Use:

    20. Minnesota Vikings Helmet

    Thanks for your suggestions, Minnesota!

    Want to see new emojis for your state? Add to the list of suggestions here.