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21 Things You Should Never Say To An Atheist

Warning: You're going to hell just for reading this.

1. "How can atheists even have morals?"

2. "Why do atheists always think they are smarter than everyone?"

3. "If humans are descended from apes how come there are still apes?"

4. "There's no such thing as a black atheist."

5. "Where did the universe come from, if God didn't do it?"

6. "Are you a communist?"

7. "How can you believe in aliens but not God?"

8. "Atheists are so ANGRY all the time."

9. "But...bananas perfectly fit the human hand, so that means they were designed by an intelligent creator."

10. "Why do you believe EVERYTHING that scientists say?"

11. "Why do you celebrate Christmas?"

12. "Don't you want to believe....just in case?"

13. "Why do you hate Jesus?"

14. "But the sunset is so beautiful that somebody had to have created it."

15. "Atheists also have faith because they don't know what REALLY happened."

16. "Do you ACTUALLY believe we evolved from monkeys?"

17. "One word: NAZIS"

18. "Hitler was an atheist."

19. "STALIN."

20. "MAO ZEDONG!!!"

21. "Have you heard of this guy called...Jesus?"