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21 Things You Should Never Say To An Atheist

Warning: You're going to hell just for reading this.

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3. "If humans are descended from apes how come there are still apes?"

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If white Americans descended from Europeans how come there are still Europeans? Plus, humans didn't evolve from modern chimps but we did share a common ancestor around 13 million years ago.


7. "How can you believe in aliens but not God?"

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Again, not all atheists hold the same views. There are atheists that don't believe in aliens too. But it isn't that much of a stretch to think that life may have evolved somewhere else if there's another planet out there that's hospitable to life.


9. "But...bananas perfectly fit the human hand, so that means they were designed by an intelligent creator."

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What about POMEGRANATES? Now those are a bitch to peel. But I guess that's why they were made by Hades.

10. "Why do you believe EVERYTHING that scientists say?"

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No, we don't believe everything that scientists say, but we do look at their evidence. Scientists are disproving scientists all the time. That's the beauty of science.


21. "Have you heard of this guy called...Jesus?"

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No, we haven't heard of the most famous person/character in all of human history. For the record, John Lennon was totally WRONG. The Beatles were never more popular than Jesus. Nobody could beat JC's infamy and badassery.