This Viral TikTok Breaks Down How Messy Avril Lavigne And Tyga's New Relationship Is

    In case things couldn't get more random, both Tyga and Avril have dated Jenners.

    You may or may not have heard by now that Avril Lavigne was spotted making out with Tyga after calling off her engagement with Mod Sun two weeks ago.

    Tyga and Avril kissing

    Well, a viral TikTok by user Abbey Bonadies perfectly breaks down just how strange the Avril/Tyga pairing is based on the pair's respective dating histories.

    A quick note on Tyga's exes: The rapper was accused of domestic violence by his ex, Camaryn Swanson, in 2021. He denied the allegations and was not criminally charged.

    So, let's get into it. Tyga was with Blac Chyna between 2011–2014, and the two have a son named King Cairo.

    Tyga and Blac Chyna pose for a photo at a red carpet event

    Blac Chyna used to be engaged to Rob Kardashian, and the two have a daughter named Dream. They parted ways in 2017.

    Blac Chyna and Rob

    Rob is half-siblings with Kylie Jenner, who was first linked with Tyga when she was 17 and he was 24. They went official when she turned 18 and broke up two years later, in 2017.

    Tyga and Kylie at a red carpet event

    Kylie is also half-siblings with Brody Jenner, who dated Avril from 2010–2012. They would go on double dates with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries and even attended their wedding. Kim, of course, is related to all the Kar-Jenners.

    Let's go back to Tyga. He got married to a woman named Jordan Craig in 2010 and filed for divorce a month after their wedding. Jordan is also the mother of Tristan Thompson's eldest child. Tristan has two children with Khloé Kardashian.

    One of Khloé's siblings who we haven't mentioned thus far is Kourtney Kardashian, who is married to Travis Barker.

    And who has Travis professionally collaborated with multiple times? Yup, both Mod Sun and Avril. In fact, Avril is even signed to his label, DTA Records.

    In a TikTok with over 3 million likes, Abbey charted just how messy this all is — Or, if you want a digital version hastily put together on Google Slides:

    Truly makes the brain hurt, huh?

    You can watch Abbey's full TikTok here.