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    21 "The Ultimatum" Reunion Moments That Were Somehow Wilder Than The Actual Season


    Phew. We did it, folks. After a chaotic nine episodes, The Ultimatum cast got together for a reunion special. Was it messy? Yes. But let's be honest, neither you nor I would be here if it were any different. And I think that's beautiful.

    So here are some of standout moments from this season's reunion:

    1. Surprise! When Madlyn and Colby revealed they are expecting a child.

    2. And when Madlyn got a version of the silver goblet, but for babies.

    3. When we were once more reminded about Vanessa and Obviously Nick Lachey's involvement in this whole thing, stemming from an ultimatum Vanessa once gave ONL.

    4. When Lauren and Nate revealed that they've sort of figured out their views on children? Kind of?

    Lauren says they agreed to have one child

    5. When Alexis and Hunter revealed that they're engaged and planning a wedding (with Hunter's wedding planner mom).

    6. When we got the side-by-side of April's rendition of Rae shaking her behind at the club next to the actual thing.

    7. When Jake confronted April for not wanting to go on the show. CUE MONTAGE.

    8. When April then revealed that she and Jake still continued things after the show, even though they both knew the "relationship was over."

    9. When April then said that she's now in a "healthy relationship" and she talks about babies with him.

    10. And when there was a whole montage dedicated to April referring to herself as April.

    11. When Rae confirmed that she and Jake never took that trip.

    12. And Rae said that she and Zay did try to "fix things."

    13. And then Zay accused Rae of not going on the trip because she was with him the entire time.

    14. And when Vanessa asked Zay about the night he stayed out all night and he said he passed out at a friend's house.

    15. When Rae said that she was romantically involved with a woman.

    16. When Rae said that Zay never told her about what happened with Shanique, even when Rae and Shanique started a friendship.

    17. And things got very heated between Rae and Zay, leading to him to walk off set.

    18. When Shanique revealed that she and Randall broke up for six months after the show.

    19. And the Lacheys took a moment to say how much they can "relate," lest we forget the cursed premise of the show.

    20. When everyone said they would have picked Colby if they redid the show.

    21. Finally, when Shanique said that olive oil can be doubled as lube — to which Vanessa Lachey recommended coconut oil.

    There we have it! If you want to read a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes facts from this season, click right here.