"The Ultimatum" Star Madlyn Explained The Finale To Us, Because Wow

    "I made a pros and cons list."

    🚨 Warning! Massive spoilers for The Ultimatum ahead! 🚨

    If you're all caught up with The Ultimatum, then you may just agree that the moment where Madlyn decides to get engaged — nay, MARRY — Colby is one of the most dramatic of an already chaotic season.

    So we sat down (virtually) with Madlyn herself to find out what on earth was going on and what's happened since.

    Firstly, Madlyn told BuzzFeed that she decided to go forward with the engagement the night before decision day. "By the advice of my sweet mother, I made a pros and cons list — truly, I had to go that simple with it," she explained. "And it was just, can I walk away from this relationship? Or am I ready to really give myself over to it? And I wasn't walking away."

    Subsequently, Madlyn said that she figured that an engagement would lead to a spur-of-the-moment-wedding. "To me, that's Colby — I figured that's coming. I knew, if I'm saying yes to engagement, it's the whole package [and] my life is going to be with Colby. So I was ready," she explained.

    However, the wedding that we saw wasn't legally binding. Madlyn explained, "We were common law married — but we did go to the courthouse the next day with one of the executive producers. We had a whole day and that was really honestly even more sweet, it was even more intimate. There wasn't a whole set of camera crews!"

    The couple considered doing a bigger celebration — but then Madlyn found out she was pregnant. "Colby gave me my small wedding and he just kind of kept going on about like, 'Man, I really want a donkey with drinks!' And he wants, like, a tent and a green velvet carpet. He really wants the whole thing!"

    "So I went and got a dress, but then I got pregnant. Maybe in 2023 there will be some sort of celebration, but it'll be ours. It'll be different."

    In fact, Madlyn said that their relationship is going well now. "Believe it or not our biggest difficulties were seen in the show. Afterward, we just talked everything out and our communication was so much better. Our transparency with each other was so much better. The way that I talk to and about Colby is so much better! So really, things have been pretty wonderful since the show ended," she added.

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