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    Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas' Pregnancy Selfie Is The Wholesome Content I Needed Today

    This family.

    As you're probs aware by now, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are parents to a 5-month-old daughter named Willa.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    While they've kept the details of the pregnancy and Willa's life so far pretty under wraps, Sophie has been giving us a rare throwback on Instagram every now and again.

    Well, today is another one of those days! Sophie shared a series of photos with the caption, "Felt like we needed some content on this page...enjoy these throwbacks."

    And the post included this cute snap from when Sophie was pregnant!

    Sophie Turner / Via


    Look at Joe smizing!

    Sophie Turner / Via

    Based on his haircut, I'd guess this was taken in May at the earliest — but I'm no expert.

    There we have it, folks! As always, we'll keep you posted if Sophie shares anything else.

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