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After Sarah Jessica Parker Spoke About The Importance Of The Met Gala Theme, Here Are Some Celebs Who Do Or Don't Stick To The Theme

James Corden has attended more Met Galas than Zendaya.

Earlier this week, Met Gala vet Sarah Jessica Parker told Vogue all about the importance of actually following the darn theme on the red carpet. “It would be so easy to find a beautiful dress to wear that night, like, that would be a great relief, like going on vacation!” she joked. “But that is not the assignment. The assignment is the theme.”

SJP in a gold and feather faux hawk hat and gown with a middle slit

So, what does following the theme mean? Inspired by SJP's words, I've created my own criteria for what this means:

1. Has a reference to the theme: I mean duh, but there are hours of debate that can happen on this topic alone. Was Kim K's 2021 Balenciaga look really a take on American fashion? IS IT CAMP????

2. Displays high levels of design and craftsmanship: I mean, this is a fundraiser for the Costume Institute. 

3. Probably would not be worn on any other red carpet: This is more for the men who wear a black tux every year than it is for more avant-garde artists who pull it out the bag every red carpet. 

So here are some celebs that love to follow the theme — as well as some who take it a bit more loosely:

1. Follows the theme: Rihanna

2. Doesn't follow the theme: Shawn Mendes

3. Follows the theme: Zendaya

4. Doesn't follow the theme: Sofia Vergara

5. Follows the theme: Blake Lively

6. Doesn't follow the theme: Jimmy Fallon

7. Follows the theme: Janelle Monae

8. Doesn't follow the theme: James Corden

9. Follows the theme: Cardi B

10. Doesn't follow the theme: Bradley Cooper

11. Follows the theme: Obviously, Sarah Jessica Parker

What are some of your fave Met Gala looks? LMK in the comments!