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19 "Love Is Blind" Reunion Moments That Were Somehow Wilder Than The Actual Season

LoVe Is bLuRrY.

After an absolutely bananas season of Love Is Blind, it's fitting that the reunion special would be an absolutely bonanza of baffling moments.

So, here are the wildest parts of the reunion special:

1. When Shake revealed that Vanessa Lachey was "unfortunately" the only woman who he was physically attracted to.

2. When Shake said that "love is blurry" in response to being told that he was on the wrong show if he valued physical appearances so much.

3. When Shayne told Shake to "shut up."

4. When Deepti said that the cast warned her about marrying Shake.

5. When Iyanna called Shake a "narcissist" and said that he should see a therapist after seeing how he treated Deepti.

6. Pretty much any time Shake went full villain.

7. When Nick and Vanessa Lachey got involved in knocking Shake down a peg or two — specifically Vanessa saying that he was on the wrong show, and Nick saying that he didn't think Shake knew how to treat humans.

8. When Kyle said that he wished that he proposed to Deepti.

9. When Shayne addressed asking Shaina what she was wearing in the pods — in front of Natalie.

10. When Shayne and Natalie revealed they tried dating after the show.

11. When a conversation between Shayne and Natalie about their final fight led to Natalie in tears — and Shayne suggested that Natalie was pinning all of the blame onto him.

12. When Vanessa began to ask Shayne about him and Shaina — and the air went out of the room as Shayne dodged the question.

13. When Jarrette maintained that his comments towards Mallory in Mexico were an "inappropriate" joke.

14. When Iyanna said how "hurtful" it was to see Jarrette and Mal's footage, but that none of her "anger" went to Mal.

15. When Iyanna revealed that she and Jarrette got it on in Mexico.

16. When Danielle said Nick is now up for dancing on tables — as well as doing other things on the furniture, as, in the words of Natalie, "it's the only way to test it."

17. When Shaina said that she felt "manipulated" after Kyle gave her his mother's ring.

18. When Shaina said that she shouldn't have accepted Kyle's proposal.

19. Finally, any time Shaina pulled this face:

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