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Shayne From "Love Is Blind" Addressed An Instagram Post To Natalie And Discussed Rumors About Him Dating Shaina

"I wish her all the best."

🚨 Warning: Love Is Blind Season 2 spoilers. 🚨

Shayne from Love Is Blind discussed his relationship with Natalie and speculation that he dated Shaina after Natalie declined to marry him at the end of the show.

Of course, Shayne and Shaina had a connection in the pods — with one especially memorable moment in the season happening when Shaina called his relationship with Natalie "fake" on the beach. Natalie, for her part, decided not to marry Shayne after a huge argument that happened right before their wedding — which left some viewers to wonder if Shayne and Shaina might have started a relationship post-filming.

Well, in a new post on Instagram, Shayne directly spoke about his relationship with Natalie on the show. "This journey with you will be something I’ll never forget," he wrote. "It was easily the best time of my life, and I would do it all over again knowing I get to spend more time with you."

"You are the most beautiful soul, and you really brought out the best in me as a man. As a man watching our story over again, I’m remorseful for my actions, and all I can do is learn from them to be a better man. I’m proud of being vulnerable and being as genuine as possible."

"I don’t know what’s next for us, but I do know that I will never stop loving you," he added.

He then referenced Shaina directly, writing, "To put some other rumors to rest, Shaina and I are cordial and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (with Natalie)."

"We have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship. I wish her all the best," he concluded.

As for Natalie, she commented on the post, saying, "You are a better man."

Natalie previously told BuzzFeed what it was like watching Shayne and Shaina on the show, saying, "At that time, I did ask them if there was anything going on — and I never got a straight answer on that. So seeing it on the show, and really getting that inside look, was a surprise to me."

As for where Natalie and Shayne stand now, make sure to check BuzzFeed very soon 👀👀👀.