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Natalie From "Love Is Blind" Told Us All About Watching The Beach Scene Between Shaina And Shayne For Herself

"I didn't get the full truth."

🚨 Warning: Major Love is Blind Season 2 spoilers. 🚨

If you've seen Love is Blind Season 2, then you'll likely agree that the whole Natalie/Shayne/Shaina debacle was one of the most memorable (if rage-inducing) aspects of the show.

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So, we sat down with Natalie over video call to ask her what it was like watching her season back, and seeing the conversations between Shayne and Shaina for herself.

Natalie in her living room wearing a yellow blazer

"I wasn't aware of the connection Shaina and Shayne had in the pods," Natalie began.

Shaina sitting on the couch in one of the pods on Love is Blind

"At that time, I did ask them if there was anything going on β€” and I never got a straight answer on that. So seeing it on the show, and really getting that inside look, was a surprise to me."

Shayne sitting on the couch in ripped jeans with his hands in a prayer formation

We then took a second to chat about the infamous beach scene, where Shaina straight up told Shayne that she thought his relationship with Natalie was "fake."

Shaina in a beige fedora looking to the side

"That was also quite a shock to me, too, just in terms of what was said and the anger that she had in that scene β€” I wasn't aware of it," Natalie told us.

Natalie in her living room

"I did reach out to her the day after that scene to get her side of the story, Shayne told me what she had said. I didn't get the full truth at that time."

As for what Shaina has said about the beach conversation, she previously told Entertainment Tonight, "It was not fair of me to drag what was going on with me internally and putting it onto them."

Shayne and Shaina sitting in the grass having a conversation

"It's a huge regret. I should have never said that. I've apologized and I wish them nothing but the best."

Shayne and Natalie taking a walk

As for where Natalie and Shayne stand now, make sure to check BuzzFeed very soon πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€.