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    We Asked The "Love Is Blind" Cast Where They Are Now, And Here's What They Said

    "I just think that we're not meant to be in each other's lives at any capacity"

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    🚨 Warning: Huge spoilers for all of Love is Blind Season 2. 🚨

    If you've seen Love is Blind Season 2, then you're likely left with at least a few questions: Did any of the couples make it? Did this wild experiment work at all? Did Deepti and Shake actually try to be friends?????

    six of the Love is Blind contestants pose for a group photo

    After all, the show itself filmed almost a year ago! So we virtually sat down with Sal, Deepti, Natalie, Danielle, Nick, Jarrette and Iyanna (phew) to ask how things are going now:

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    1. Sal and Mallory did go on a Starbucks date after the show ended, but decided not to pursue things.

    Sal and Mallory having a discussion on Love is Blind

    "We went on one date after, and we figured out everything we needed to figure out about each other. And we decided not to continue anything," Sal told BuzzFeed.

    Mallory leans into Sal for a kiss as they walk toward the beach

    We then asked Sal if it was weird going out without all the cameras, and he replied, "It was! We were turning around at Starbucks. It was actually really nice to have a date without all of that — real conversation, real talk. Not that it wasn't real, but no pressure."

    Mallory looks seriously at Sal as the two sit down in their wedding attire

    Currently, Sal is dating someone else. He told us, "I definitely feel like I've been using more of what I learned from this experience to go into my dating life. I am dating somebody right now."

    Sal sits on a couch for an interview

    2. Shake and Deepti did try to be friends, but things didn't work out.

    Deepti and Shake are standing at the altar

    "Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake — and we tried," Deepti told us.

    When Deepti exited the pods, she was all smiles in a dress and heels

    "But seeing how he interacts with people, and seeing how he is on social media — every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained. So I just think that we're not meant to be in each other's lives at any capacity"

    Shake and Deepti share a toast of champagne

    Right now, Deepti isn't seeing anyone. "I'm totally open to meeting people organically and naturally, if this person just stumbles into my life. But as of right now, no dating apps. I'm not physically looking right now," she explained.

    3. Even after that explosive final fight — and, as per the reunion special, giving things another go — Shayne and Natalie are apparently still friends.

    During Love is Blind, Shayne and Natalie sit and cheers for a romantic dinner

    "I'm still in contact with Shayne. We are friends. I think after going through this experience together, we are definitely bonded by that. I wish him all the best," Natalie told BuzzFeed.

    Natalie and Shayne share a laugh while in bed

    And Natalie isn't currently dating: "I'm focused on loving myself, I'll say that. [I'm] really focusing on me and making me into the best version I can be. But I am not dating right now."

    Natalie sits down for a virtual interview

    4. Nick and Danielle are still married, with Danielle saying that they've been a pretty "normal couple" since the show ended.

    Danielle and Nick cheers with their sample of wedding cake

    Finding a structure outside of Love is Blind proved to be a challenge for the couple. "We developed our own structure — and once we learned to do that, as well as work past some of our communication differences, it all became so seamless," Danielle told us.

    Danielle and Nick sit together drinking some champagne outside

    As for what helped the couple move past their communication differences, Nick said that couples counseling was one of the things that helped. "We're in couples' counseling. So like we've learned a lot about how to do active listening for one another, what she actually wants in a scenario versus what my instinct is, and vice versa. That's really helped us grow," he explained.

    The couple sit side by side for a virtual interview

    As the show requires that couples keep a low profile before the finale airs, Nick said that they've enjoyed keeping things chill at home. "The last few weeks of the show promotion, we've just spent a lot of time at home binging Dawson's Creek, which ironically I forgot that we talked about when we were filming," he said.

    Once the couple left the pods, they greeted each other lovingly

    5. Jarrette and Iyanna are still married — Iyanna even moved into Jarrette's place two days after filming wrapped.

    The couple are excited while walking down the aisle after their "I do's"

    "It's just been a lot of adjusting," Iyanna told us. "Once the cameras left, we kind of looked at each other and were like, 'Alright, what now? What do we do now?' A lot of adjusting our schedules, dating continuously, continuing to meet each other's friends, and spending time with each other's families."

    The couple share a kiss after their wedding, surrounded by their bridal party

    Their first date after the show was to a friend's brunch. "It was really good to have her integrate herself with my friends for the first time, truthfully," Jarrette explained.

    The couple share a laugh as they sit for a virtual interview

    The couple have seen Mallory since the show finished, and described things as "cordial." Jarrette added, "There's no beef, there's no hard feelings or anything like that. I wish her nothing but the best. I'm happily married and I'm happy with my choice."

    Jarrette looks down at his engagement ring before proposing to Iyanna

    Much like on the show, finding a balance between their personalities was a challenge. Iyanna said, "We have the same goofiness, we share the same goals and values — but he's very extroverted and I'm very, very introverted. That has been the challenge, finding more time for me to go out and for him to stay in — and then for us to do our thing together."

    The couple share a kiss on Love is Blind

    Thanks to the cast for talking to us! You can read more behind-the-scenes info about Love is Blind here.

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