Nancy From "Love Is Blind" Explained Why She Felt "Blindsided" By Bartise At The Altar

    "Complete disrespect that Bartise raised his voice at my family. It had no merit for him to have done that."

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    🚨Warning: Huge Love Is Blind Season 3 spoilers.🚨

    They've been called the true stars of Love Is Blind. The MVPs. The undisputed heroes. Yes, I am, of course, referring to Nancy's mom and brother: Erendira and Steve.

    Erendira and Steve talking to each other outside Nancy's wedding with the caption "That's a punk right there"

    So BuzzFeed sat down with Nancy Rodriguez herself to chat about all things family and Love Is Blind Season 3.

    Nancy sitting on a couch with Bartise and smiling
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    We started off by asking Nancy what her family thought when watching the show back — especially given Bartise's comments about her body. She told us, "They had no idea. When my brothers first met Bartise, they had no idea that we have been struggling with the physical aspect of being in the real world."

    Nancy and Bartise at the altar

    She added, "I said to them [after the wedding], 'I was blindsided because halfway through our relationship, once I saw who he was showing me to be, I was going to say no. And I told him that and he asked me for a second chance."

    Nancy smiles at Bartise during their wedding ceremony

    Nancy explained, "I think my family had a general idea of what our relationship had gone through, and then he changed up and really put his best foot forward in our relationship for the last two weeks — leading up to the shot five minutes before I walked down the aisle, 'Let's do the damn thing.' All of that was part of my story of feeling blindsided."

    Bartise looking at Nancy during the wedding ceremony

    She continued, "My family was really understanding as to where I was coming from. It was a lot of clarity, because they were very confused at the altar, as you can tell."

    Nancy's family with the caption, "What the fuck are we doing this for?"

    BuzzFeed then asked Nancy what it was like looking back at Bartise's post-wedding interaction with her family, to which she replied, "I am so disheartened that Bartise raised his voice at my mother [and] the fact that he calls my brother out and says, 'You're making this worse.'"

    Bartise with Nancy's family members with the caption "You're fucking this whole thing up, bro; you're fucking it all up"

    She said, "I didn't know that my mom and brother were having a separate conversation. I was wanting to just understand, how did I just get blindsided?"

    Nancy's mom saying "This man is not ready for your sister"

    Nancy added, "That was my hardest scene to watch. What I couldn't say in my heart at that moment, my mom and my brother were actually there to speak up on my behalf and really feel a pain that I felt — they were able to verbally express it."

    Nancy's mother pointing with caption, "He's not ready for who you are"

    She concluded with, "Complete disrespect that Bartise raised his voice at my family. It had no merit for him to have done that. His relationship was with me, not with the people that were standing up on my behalf."

    Bartise with caption, "You're fucking it up now!" [Steve] "I'm fucking this up?"

    Thanks for talking to us, Nancy! You can read our recaps of the Love Is Blind wedding and reunion episodes here and here.

    And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for lots more LIB exclusives coming your way on BuzzFeed soon. 👀 

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