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    14 "Love Is Blind" Finale Moments That Prove The Show Is Just As Chaotic As Ever

    From "I do" to "probably should have said I do not."

    🚨Warning: Huge spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 ahead.🚨

    There have been laughs. There have been tears. There have been fake tears. Yes, we made it folks: The finale* of Love Is Blind Season 3 is out.

    A woman with a disapproving look on her face as someone at the altar says "...the last two months have not been, like, picture-perfect"

    It's worth noting that the penultimate episode was already absolute pandemonium. Undoubtedly the most dramatic moment was SK saying no to Raven at the altar, but I'd like to take a moment of silence for the shot Bartise sent Nancy before their wedding.

    Nancy reading Bartise's note and holding a shot

    So, here are the highs and lows of Love Is Blind Episode 11:


    2. Then Nancy's family went OFF.

    3. Nancy accused Bartise of blindsiding her.

    Nancy saying "Like, you fucking gaslit me"

    4. And then Nancy ended things with Bartise for good.

    5. Brennon's friend saying that Alexa leaving him at the altar would be "standard Brennon."

    6. But Alexa and Brennon did get married!

    Alexa and Brennon kissing after being declared married

    7. Zanab appeared to wear the same wedding dress as Nancy.

    8. Zanab got emotional over her parents' death.

    Zanab saying "so I'm very blessed to have, you know, guardian angels with me at all times"

    9. Cole told Zanab she was "hot" in his vows.

    10. Zanab told Cole off at the altar.

    11. And Zanab's guests applauded her as she walked away.

    12. Next, Colleen said it was "cringy" for her to say she loved Matt.

    Colleen talking to her friends as they sip wine

    13. And Matt's friends told him they didn't think he was ready.

    14. Regardless, Matt and Colleen got married!

    Either way, I cannot wait for Netflix to continue to pump out episodes of Love Is Blind until my cold body is in the ground. What did you make of this season? LMK in the comments!