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    24 "Love Is Blind" Season 3 Reunion Moments That Demonstrate How Wild This Season Was

    Okay, but the oranges incident 👀.

    🚨Warning: Huge Love Is Blind Season 3 spoilers.🚨

    I know some might say that an 80-minute Love Is Blind finale was a lot. That an hourlong reunion special borders on overkill! But those people are not me. Make it three hours long, for all I care! I crave the content, Daddy Netflix! What the hell am I supposed to do with my time now, huh?

    The cast of Love Is Blind sitting on couches

    Well, there is one more thing to do before we bid adieu to this season — and that's look back at the most unhinged moments from the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion:

    1. First, Bartise showed up sporting a man bun and an eyebrow slit.

    Bartise with a bun and a smile

    2. Both of the married couples have stayed together.

    Matt and Colleen sitting together on a couch and holding hands

    3. Brennon called out Cole for saying that Zanab's assertion that he didn't apologize to her post–pool party was "insane."

    The members sitting in a semicircle on couches with the caption, "Maybe we don't use the word 'insane' to describe it"

    4. Raven and SK are still together.

    5. The women assured us that everything was fine amid the Bartise-Cole tomfoolery.

    The cast seated in a semicircle, with the caption "I'm really proud of at least us girls that we got...we continued to get closer"

    6. Nancy thanked Bartise for his "brutal honesty" in his comments about Raven in bed.

    Nancy with the caption, "That gave me a sense of like, 'Okay, so it's brutal fucking honesty"

    7. SK confessed that he didn't know what Pilates were.

    SK with the caption "I didn't even know what Pilates was going into Love Is Blind"

    8. Matt revealed that he and Colleen do not live together.

    Matt and Colleen sitting together with caption "We actually do not live together yet"

    9. Nick Lachey made a gross comment about second marriages.

    Matt and Colleen smiling with the caption, "It's always better the second time"

    10. The Lacheys announced that Andrew was invited to the reunion but chose not to attend.

    The Lacheys sitting together with the caption "This is for you, buddy" and "We did invite Andrew"

    11. Raven said that she and SK got physical after their wedding.

    Raven smiling with caption "After our wedding"

    12. Bartise described how he watched the show wishing he'd said yes.

    Bartise with caption, "Knowing what I say, and I was still like, "Say it, say I do"

    13. Nancy confirmed that she and Bartise had not gone out since the show, and explained her family's impassioned response the day of the wedding.

    Nancy with caption, "[crying] So they were fighting the fight that I couldn't"

    14. Bartise hooked up with a "tall blonde" shortly after the wedding.

    Alexa and Brennon sitting together with caption "He had a girl" and "[Bartise] Not next day"

    15. Cole said that Zanab was edited to look more "naggy."

    Cole with caption, "I look really goofy, and she looks really naggy"

    16. Zanab claimed that Cole tried to kiss a girl and got her number at his bachelor afterparty.

    Nancy looking in the camera with caption "[Cole] I got a girl's number at the bachelor party?"

    17. Zanab said that she stopped eating over Cole's comments about her body that were not in the final cut of the show.

    Nancy, Zanab, and Raven sitting together with caption, "The daily comments about my face and my body were not used"

    18. Cole attempted to justify the "bipolar" comment to Zanab.

    The cast sitting in the semicircle with the text "That's why I asked you the bipolar thing"

    19. Zanab stressed that her friends did not clap at her wedding because her altar statement was "premeditated."

    Zanab with caption "So I had no communication with my friends"

    20. Alexa said that she struggled to verbally express her feelings toward Brennon throughout the show.

    Brennon looking at Alexa with caption, "I'm a lot nicer of a person, I think, than that"

    21. Nick recalled how his opening line to Vanessa was asking if she wanted to be in his music video.

    Nick with caption, "I always joke, my only game was, 'Do you wanna be in my music video?'"

    22. Alexa said that she almost went home in the pods because she missed her family, but Brennon convinced her to stay.

    Cast members with Alexa and Brennon in the middle with caption, "But I went in there and I was like, 'I think I'm gonna go home'"

    23. Cole said that he regretted going on the show.

    SK, Cole, and Bartise with caption, "If I destroyed someone's self-esteem, like, than I regret it"

    24. Finally, the producers aired the oranges incident.

    Cole in kitchen with Zanab, who's holding an orange, with caption, "Are you about to eat two of those?" and "Maybe; that's a serving"

    Alright, now let's go fight in the comments until another reunion series is thrust upon us.