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    Updated on May 18, 2020. Posted on May 17, 2020

    Jeffree Star Addressed The Cremated Palette Controversy

    "There's always so many meanings with my art."

    So on Friday, Jeffree Star unveiled his new makeup collection called Cremated, and it's safe to say that it didn't exactly go down well with everyone.

    Some called the Cremated branding tone-deaf, given the number of people currently from the coronavirus pandemic.

    j*ffree st*r releasing a palette called CREMATED in the middle of a pandemic is so fucking tone deaf

    And, for better or worse, a LOT of people were talking about it.

    Waking up to the #Cremated reveal video at #1 trending!! 😭🤍 THANK YOU everyone for all the love and continuing to let me create gorgeous and weird products! Can’t wait for everyone to play with this in person.

    Well, Jeffree addressed at least some of the controversy on his Instagram story. "We are celebrating here at the house," he began. "Cremated is number two trending right now on all of YouTube and bitch, I'm a little shook."

    Instagram: jeffreestar

    "There's always so many meanings with my art," he continued. "It is allowed to be interpreted any way that anyone wants to take it, but I always come from a good place."

    Instagram: jeffreestar

    "My own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated — so nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life. So if you take it that way, that's how you articulate things — but bitch, not me!"

    Instagram: jeffreestar

    He added that some products could not be made because of pandemic related disruptions, but more would be added to the collection later this year or in 2021.

    Instagram: jeffreestar

    He then followed up with a video of his dogs playing with their "Cremated toy."

    Instagram: jeffreestar

    Welp, there's another Jeffree Star controversy for the books.

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