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    I Tried These Ikea Furniture Hacks, And Now I Want To DIY Everything

    DI-why not?

    Okay, confession: I suck at DIY stuff. Like, before this article, I had never even used a drill before.

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    Don't @ me I know I am clueless!!!

    However, I am also an incredibly cheap person — so, when I read about people who had upgraded their Ikea furniture, I was inspired. I decided to come up with projects of my own because I have nothing (nothing!!!) better to do with my time.

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    So if you're looking for some super easy DIY inspo, please step this way:

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    Behold, my desk: AKA the entire reason I wanted to do this in the first place. I got it from Craigslist for $20 last year — I have no idea where it's actually from, but it sure seems Ikea-esque. It's perfectly functional, but didn't match any of my other furniture.

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    So I picked up this Krylon Chalky Finish paint from Lowe's, where a very nice man tinted it to the color of my choosing. It is a total coincidence that when I got home, I realized that it was the same color of the trimmings of my building hallway, but I digress.

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    The paint instructions said no sanding or priming was necessary beforehand — but if you're having trouble, then please sand and prime away, my dear.

    After applying two coats, I then drilled a hole — gasp — so that I could attach a nice knob. I picked up this one from Home Depot, and I just used a drill bit that was roughly the size of the screw it came with.

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    And this was the final result!!!

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    Pros: Looks adorable, matches my furniture.

    Cons: The paint's finish makes it slightly difficult to clean.

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    Ah, the Ikea MALM drawers — I feel like I've had some iteration of these bad boys in every apartment I've lived in for all eternity. A sturdy lad, but a touch dull.


    "This will also be a great opportunity to finally Marie Kondo my drawers," I told myself. Spoiler: I did not.

    I was tempted to paint this as well, but I was worried it might look a bit *much.* Instead, I bought some peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon. Then, I cut off a piece roughly the same size as the drawer, pressed the drawer front down, and used an exacto knife to cut it to size.

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    You might notice that I used an ~assortment ~ of objects to stretch out the wallpaper to lay it flat. This worked perfectly once, but left me with a very creased drawer the second time because it wasn't quite flat enough. Therefore, I recommend using two (2) roommates to pull the corners taut, instead of whatever crap you have within arm's reach.

    Next, I measured and marked where my drawer knobs would go with a pencil before drilling again. The drawer knobs were also from Amazon, and I was worried that they would be too small and look a bit like gold nipples — but it was fine.

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    And here's how they turned out! Once again, I am obsessed.

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    Pros: She is beautiful.

    Cons: The particular wallpaper I used is a little fragile, so I have to be veeeeeery careful when using it to avoid any tears. Also, if you're someone who's a total perfectionist, I can concede that it would have looked slightly neater if I had sanded down the edges of the wallpaper. In my defense, it was raining, and going to the hardware store involved going outside.

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    Was this one a bit much? Maybe????? But I just couldn't resist turning this Ikea trash (can) into one man's (my) treasure.

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    Using a glue gun, I wrapped and secured 50ft of rope around the can. I did this while watching Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal on Netflix, which wasn't an essential part of the DIY, but is recommended nevertheless.

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    Then, observe! My (sorta) new trash can!!!

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    Pros: It now matches my rug!

    Cons: I didn't have quite enough rope to cover the whole trash can, but you can't tell when there's a bag in it.

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    I had SO much fun doing this. What's more, I also learned a bunch of basic DIY skills in the process of researching and executing everything.

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    I now want to try building a shoe rack from scratch! Me!!!

    Overall, these projects have very much changed my perspective on buying new furniture — I definitely want to work more on updating what I already own, and upcycling thrifted items.

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    So, do you have any tips on making your cheap furniture look great? LMK in the comments!