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    I Redecorated My Room On A Tight Budget And Here's What I Learned

    Beauty on a budget.

    I don't know if I'm the only twentysomething who feels like this, but I've never really purposefully bought furniture or home goods. I've just kind of acquired them.

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    As I'm thankfully working from home for the foreseeable future, I thought it was about time I gave my room a revamp that reflected my tastes now.

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    Fortunately, I had a bit of money to spare — $100 — but I wanted to make sure I got as much out of it as possible.

    So, if you're thinking about updating your room, I hope the ramblings of this design-challenged fool can be of use!

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    Here's a snap of my room pre-makeover:

    A cluttered, small room with a whole mix of different colors
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    In particular, I wanted to tackle:

    1. The sheets, which were left by the last woman who rented my room.

    2. The wall hanging, which I got at a market when I was in college — and which I recently discovered had mold on the back.

    3. The sad, dead plant by the window.

    4. The clutter.

    For a theme, I chose millennial pink, because otherwise I'm like a magpie who gravitates toward the brightest and shiniest things, with no concept of how they might look together.

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    Efetova / Getty Images

    With a mask on my face and a song in my heart, I embarked on the 40-minute walk to my nearest Ikea.

    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    After striding through the showroom, I found three sets of sheets that fit the color scheme I was going for:

    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    I ended up going for the dusty pink sheets on the left, which have vertical stripes going through them. They cost me $24.99.

    I then spotted this large canvas, which I liked because it a) fits the colors I was going for beautifully and b) I'm a writer and...typewriter.

    A canvas with a typewriter with flowers coming out the top
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed / Ikea

    Unfortunately, many of the pieces I'd been eyeing up on Etsy would have blown my entire budget, so, at $19.99, I thought this was worth a shot.

    Finally, I picked up these fake flowers on my way out. I'd never had artificial flowers before, but I figured I was guaranteed not to kill these.

    A small pot of fake flowers
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Also, they cost $1.99. I can't find them on the Ikea website, but there are lots of similar ones available.

    Day one total: $46.97

    Efetova / Getty Images

    I finally reached the point of working from home where my back was screaming at me to buy a proper desk and chair. I began to search Craigslist, setting my radius to one mile as I don't have a car.


    Note: The Craigslist purchases I made were done outside people's homes and while wearing masks. I disinfected everything once I got home.

    I quickly found a chair for free, which was coincidentally being given away by someone in my building.

    A basic desk chair covered in paint splatters
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Now, I won't lie: A paint-splattered chair isn't the most aesthetic thing I could have gotten. However, it's comfy and cost $0.

    Next was the desk, which I found from someone two blocks away from me. I was a bit concerned because the photo only used a cat for measurement, but it fit perfectly.

    An advert for a simple desk with a cat on it. Advert reads, "Gray desk, solid faux wood. Light enough for one person to carry. Make your work from home dreams come true. Cat for scale."

    The desk cost me $20 and did indeed make my work from home dreams come true.

    Day two total: $66.97

    Efetova / Getty Images

    I live near a bunch of discount and 99¢ stores, so I wanted to see if there was anything else that looked cute.


    Specifically, I was hoping to find a pillow that would help cover up the paint stains on my chair.

    In my third discount store, I found this pillow that I loved because the little gems turned rainbow in the light.

    A pillow covered with little gems and fake pearls
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Plus, I figured it would also look cute on my bed if it was too uncomfortable to use when I sat at my desk working. This set me back $9.99.

    I also found this basket in a different store, which I thought might be handy for dealing with some of my clutter.

    A small basket that I used for storing beauty products
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    This was from a 99¢ store, but, plot twist, it cost $1.99.

    Day three total: $78.95

    Efetova / Getty Images

    My new desk looks over a parking lot, which means I get a lot of light. But it can look a touch drab. As a result, I thought some bright curtains might make the view a bit more lively.

    Eugenesergeev / Getty Images

    (Not actually my view).

    Now, I must confess: These curtains I found on Amazon did send me slightly over budget. But because they claimed to be blackout curtains, I thought they would be a better investment than the slightly cheaper ones I found in the discount store.


    These Nicetown curtains cost $26.95.

    Day four total: $105.90

    Efetova / Getty Images

    I had to move around my furniture to make the desk fit, which resurfaced an ungodly amount of dust that needed to be cleaned.

    A small desk lamp with a sparkly scrunchie on top
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    I also tried little embellishments with stuff I found along the way — like adding a scrunchie I never really wore on my bedside lamp. I'm not too sure if I actually like this, but hey, it matches. I think if I was doing this all again, I would definitely look up some easy DIY/crafts projects to make some stuff myself.

    Efetova / Getty Images

    I'm super happy with the results! I think having a clear color scheme really helped me narrow down what I wanted. And it means that I feel like I'm waking up in a marshmallow.

    A before-and-after photo, showing the new room is all very cohesive and cute
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Shopping around and (pretty much) sticking to my budget also helped me avoid impulsively buying unnecessary things. I know I'm doing this all on the cheap, but I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff only to replace it all in a few months.

    In particular, having a cute work station has been *chef's kiss*.

    The writer's desk, which now has a laptop placed on it next to the fake flowers
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Sweet, sweet lumbar support.

    I realize I'm super lucky to have a bit of money to spare on nonessential products right now. I'm usually the type of person who's super hesitant to spend money on material things for themself, so this whole makeover was a nice reminder that it's okay to spend a lil' to make myself feel better when I can.

    Another shot of the writer's room, looking adorable if I may say so myself
    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    Plus, it was truly fantastic to have a fun project amid all that's going on right now.

    So, do you have any tips for giving your home a makeover on a budget? LMK in the comments!

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