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    18 People Shared Their Most Creative Ikea Furniture Upgrades That They DIY'd

    Just call me Bob the Builder.

    1. This incredible bar hack made mostly from Ikea's Bestå series.

    trowway1112 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "The countertop is a butcher block countertop that has been ripped, cut, stained, and sealed."


    2. This entryway organizer made from Bekvåm spice racks.

    NyanCat82 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "My first Ikea hack made from the legendary Bekvåm spice racks and a couple of magnets."


    3. This built-in wardrobe made from Ikea's Pax series.

    b96d98g97 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "Replaced baseboards in the room, added some quarter round to where the wardrobe meets the wall, and added crown molding."


    4. This professional-looking office and desk created from many Ikea products, including Malm, Karlby, and Kallax.

    adultish / Via, Ikea / Via

    "Shoutout to my husband for building us this work/play area. When I was pregnant, I cried to him about losing our spare room to the new baby. Created with Malm (2x), Karlby, Kallax (4x) inserts, and Lack (3x)."


    5. This stylish vinyl cabinet made from an Ikea Bestå 2x2.

    capcrunch217 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "I raised the unit with some steel hairpin legs from eBay, which were mounted onto custom oak adapter plates. These were sawed from solid 120x20 mm white oak and cut to 120x120 mm squares. The plates bolt to the existing plastic feet holes with an M6 bolt. I countersunk the bolts into the wood to make them flush. The holes are drilled so that the plates step in 5 mm from the edges, with the back plates around ~15 mm from the back edge of the unit. This is because the rear bolt holes are drilled in from the edge, compared with the front. I made the oak top from off-cut engineered board laminated onto some 18 mm plywood. This was bordered with mitered solid oak edging. The finished top was sanded to 1200 grit and finished in a semimatte varnish."


    6. This beautiful cabinet hack from the Ivar series.

    sleepyholland / Via, Ikea / Via

    "Ivar hack! Stain and poly, added legs, handles, and extra wood to hide the gap. Legs are from Amazon. Handles are from an Etsy store called HookAndKnob. Prices were great but not the heaviest metal. It worked well for this project. I used the 5-inch size."


    7. This very upgraded dresser hack made from Ikea's Tarva series.

    Ikea / DarthPummeluff / Via

    "We replaced the top with an oak board and used a router to machine the edges. The legs we replaced with conical oak legs and changed the way they are fixed to the corpus to make it look a bit more elegant. The original holes for the knobs were filled in with wood filler, and then the corpus was painted using chalk paint. I managed to get some vintage brass handles, which we used instead."


    8. This farmhouse coffee table made from Ikea's Lack series.

    everbloomingoriginal / Via, Ikea / Via

    "My husband and I added wood planks to the top of our Lack coffee table. This was my first project like this, so I'm really happy with the turnout."


    9. This luxury armchair hack made from Ikea's Koarp chair.

    Find the step-by-step instructions and photos here.

    10. This gorgeous upgrade made from Ikea's Rast dresser.

    JuracekPark34 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "No more boring dresser! Pulls are also from Ikea. Color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. Legs are from Lowe's. Walnut stain."


    11. This chic barstool upgrade made from Ikea's Dalfred series.

    huglojsk / Via, Ikea / Via

    "I could only find Dalfred in black, so I painted it white and slapped on an oak seat."


    12. This modern upgrade made with Ikea's Tarva dresser.

    peteyyt / Via, Ikea / Via

    Find the very detailed instructions here.

    13. This mesmerizing toy kitchen makeover made with Ikea's Duktig set.

    maceymcr95 / Via, Ikea / Via

    "I used paint and contact paper that was $6 at Home Depot. It turned out nicely!"


    14. This cute and creative way to spruce up an Ikea Vittsjö desk.

    la_renegade / Via, Ikea / Via

    "Desk/clear picture shelf/candleholders repurposed into brush/jewelry holders are from Ikea. Stool is from Target or Home Goods — I can't remember! LED mirror is AWESOME and linked here. Contact paper linked here."


    15. This incredible sliding bookcase that leads to a secret closet made with Ikea's Bestä shelves.

    _gameoverman / Via

    "I built a sliding bookcase out of three Ikea Bestä bookshelves with six casters screwed to a large bottom plate."


    16. This sleek-looking upgrade made from Ikea's Eket series.

    MoistP0ny / Via, Ikea / Via

    "It's the Eket system, and I basically just cut a piece of beech to size and finished it with linseed oil. It's just resting on top without any screws or tape. Depending on whether you want to put speakers on there, this might not be the right system for you, since the individual modules are not perfectly the same height, so there might be some rattling noises (although I haven't experienced any myself)."


    17. This incredible beach shack bunk bed made from Ikea's Kura bed.

    officiallyrad / Via, Ikea / Via

    Find the very detailed instructions here.

    18. And finally, this classy dresser hack made from Ikea's Kallax unit.

    alyssatriesart / Via

    "I have two supporting beams going across. I also drilled them into the metal legs (which was difficult) to make a base of sorts. You could probably get away with skipping this and adding sturdy legs to the middle as well, but I do really like how clean and simple looking it came out."


    H/T: r/IKEAhacks

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