19 Grammys Photos That Show What It Looks Like To Actually Attend

    Oh, to be at a party, with human beings.

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    1. H.E.R. looked happy seeing Jazmine Sullivan backstage:

    H.E.R. and Jazmine smile at each other and touch each other's arm

    2. While Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker held hands:

    Kourtney in a low-cut top and pants and bare-chested Travis in a leather suit

    3. And also got very PDA in their seats:

    4. And...this:

    The couple, sitting down, prepare to kiss as Kourtney touches Travis's mouth
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    5. Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne looked cute together:

    Olivia and Avril stand together with their heads touching

    6. And Avril also went for a bit o' PDA backstage with Mod Sun:

    Mod and Avril standing together and kissing

    7. Donatella Versace and Doja Cat had a little boogie:

    Donatella and Doja hold hands as they dance

    8. Megan Thee Stallion got a pic with BTS:

    Megan takes a selfie while posing with members of BTS

    9. Lil Nas X posed with Jack Harlow:

    10. Justin Bieber appeared to try to fist-bump Lil Nas X:

    Justin in a boxy suit holds up his hand next to Lil Nas

    11. And Lil Nas X gave Lady Gaga a big hug:

    The two hugging as Lil Nas holds a cellphone

    12. Billie Eilish looked delighted to see Cynthia Erivo:

    13. And Megan Thee Stallion:

    14. And Jon Batiste:

    15. And Hailey Bieber:

    16. Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley looked cozy:

    17. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got a pic with their kids:

    18. Silk Sonic looked dapper backstage:

    19. Finally, Halsey looked iconic with their partner, Alev Aydin:

    Alev in a shiny, bare-chested suit hugs Halsey in a wide-brimmed hat and strapless dress
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