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Here's How The Internet Responded To The Trump Campaign Booking "Four Seasons Total Landscaping" Instead Of The Four Seasons Hotel

I'll be chuckling over this one for a while.

Allow me to share four words that have brought me nothing but unfettered joy over the past 24 hours: “Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, yesterday Donald Trump tweeted that there would be a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

However, he swiftly deleted the tweet and followed it up with one clarifying that the conference would actually be at Four Seasons...Total Landscaping.

Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — 11:30am!

For context, this is the Four Seasons hotel in Philly:

And this is Four Seasons Total Landscaping:

Now, I'm not saying that someone from the Trump campaign accidentally booked a parking lot instead of a luxury hotel...but, I mean, come on.

Even the (actual) Four Seasons Hotel got involved:

To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It will be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping— no relation with the hotel.

Naturally, Twitter had an absolute field day. Here are just some of the best responses to the news:


Some say the world will end in fire/ Others say at Four Seasons Total Landscaping north of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, near the porn shop


I feel like we didn’t focus enough on the fact that someone in the Trump campaign meant to schedule the “four seasons hotel” but definitely accidentally scheduled this “four seasons landscaping” store and they had to follow through with it. Veep was not this good.




BREAKING: Jason Derulo falls down stairs at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia


You’re telling me they booked a landscaping company?!? Not the hotel?!?


Don't worry Trumpworld, the guys who confused Four Seasons Total Landscaping for the Four Seasons Hotel are going to mastermind a way to subvert the Electoral College and keep Donald Trump in office.


I could write jokes for 800 years and I'd never think of something funnier than Trump booking the Four Seasons for his big presser, and it turning out to be the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot between a dildo store and a crematorium.


This is not over. For we shall mount our righteous stand at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Next to Fantasy Island Adult Books. Across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center. Between the fire extinguisher and yellow hose. #MAGA


In nine months a lot of baby girls are going to be named “Georgia” and “Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”


No one answered the phone at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. But oh man RIP their online reviews.


I want to know who it was at the Four Seasons Landscaping that —answered the phone —heard that the Trump campaign wanted to hold a press conference in his parking lot —realized they had mistaken him for a hotel —Looked at an invisible documentary camera —said, “Absolutely.”


Per pool, after the President’s press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping there will be an emergency cabinet meeting at the Cinnabon at King of Prussia Mall, the one near the massage chairs, not the other one.


i’m at the landscaping business, i’m at the four seasons, i’m at the combination landscaping business four seasons


Shout out to the Four Seasons Landscaping person who stone cold booked Rudy's press conference and ran their credit card without telling them


My favorite of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping moments


Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the title of the next Arctic Monkeys record.


I was supposed to have my wedding at Four Seasons Total Landscaping....


Four Seasons Total Landscaping is also my secret code name for a bikini wax.

19. In short:

My *only* complaint about today on Twitter is that just SO much happened that I really feel like we didn’t get as much time for four seasons landscaping as it deserved. That really earned the full feral hogs treatment and there just wasn’t space for that.