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    Emmy Rossum Revealed That Her Baby Was Born With COVID Antibodies After She Received The Vaccine While Pregnant

    "Stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine."

    So Emmy Rossum and husband Sam Esmail welcomed their first child back in May.

    The news came as a surprise to many, given that Emmy kept her pregnancy under wraps from the public eye.

    Today, the Shameless star shared the first photo of her daughter — along with an important caption.

    "When I was pregnant I got vaccinated. Not only did we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl, but we also just learned our daughter now has antibodies," she wrote.

    "In short, stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine," she concluded.

    In the US, where Emmy lives and is from, the CDC recommends everyone 12 years and older should get a COVID-19 vaccination. However, people refusing to get vaccinated, according to infectious disease specialist Dr. Amesh Adalja, means that “there will be more preventable cases, more preventable hospitalizations, and more preventable deaths.”

    You can find out more information on how to get the COVID vaccine here and how to talk to friends and family about the vaccine here.