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Grimes Joined Elon Musk On “SNL,” and I’ll Be Having Nightmares About The Sketch For Years

It's-a me, Grimes.

*Long exhale* so hey, Elon Musk was on SNL last night.

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Fun fact: I went on a date with someone last week whose dream it is to go on SNL one day — perhaps I merely should have told him to become a billionaire. Anyway, he ended up ghosting, so I'm not really sure what the moral of the story is here.

One of the sketches involved Elon playing Wario, standing on trial for the murder of, ya know, Mario. There was a whole bit that involved reading Wario's Wiki, it was...I mean....

One of the celebs to join Elon on this nightmare quest was none other than Grimes, aka Elon's girlfriend, aka mother of X Æ A-12.

Grimes had already teased her appearance on Instagram earlier, writing, "Tune into SNL tonight to watch me try acting!"

Yup, Grimes joined the sketch as Princess Peach.

In short, Princess Peach is having an affair with Luigi. There are some plumbing jokes, which I personally think belong in...the toilet...(sorry).

"Hey Luigi, my faucet's dripping. I need a plumber who can really lay some pipe"

The RANGE in this performance.

To be fair, at least Grimes looked like she was having a good time.

Sure, why not.

Happy times for Gri-lon all round.

Wario was my fav haha 👀

Twitter: @elonmusk

You can watch the full sketch here.