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    Disney+ Edited Out Daryl Hannah's Butt In "Splash" And The Results Are Disturbing

    I'm getting serious Cats flashbacks.

    Remember Splash? The 1984 Disney movie stars Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and is your classic boy-meets-mermaid love story.

    Upon its release, the movie was given a PG rating due to "many scenes of nudity" from Daryl Hannah's mermaid character (IMDb's words, not mine).

    Well, the movie is now available to stream on Disney+. However, people have noticed that something is a little different about the newer version.

    Disney+ didn't want butts on their platform so they edited Splash with digital fur technology

    Yep, it looks like Daryl Hannah's hair was digitally lengthened to try and cover her butt. To be fair, it doesn't look too bad as a screencap:

    But when it moves...oh my:

    This isn't the only scene that was altered from its original. Something blurry is by the Statue of Liberty!

    Horrifying though it may be, at least we got a trip down memory lane because of it!

    Horrifying but thank you for letting me know Splash is on Disney+