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    Chrissy Teigen Had A Pretty NSFW Comment Exchange With John Legend, And I'm Blushing


    Hello, and welcome to today's edition of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend being randy on social media.

    It all started when Chrissy shared a cute pic of the couple with the caption, "My husband!"

    However, John's response was a lil' less wholesome:

    "I look like I'm about to do an adult film"

    Which, I mean...I do see it.

    John looking intensely into the camera

    Those are some intense eyes.

    The image cropped so it's just his eyes staring into the camera

    But then Chrissy's reply...well, it took it to a whole other level.

    "You were"

    I feel like I've accidentally walked in on something.

    Such horny emojis.

    The dancing man and woman emojis

    Happy Holidays to Chrissohn's adult movie!