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    15 Celeb '00s Outfits That Have Aged Like A Fine Wine

    Really shouldn't have thrown out all those clothes, huh...

    Ah, the 2000s. Home of some great fashion and some, well...

    Pink in cropped patchwork cargo pants and a cropped zip-up hoodie that shoes her bra
    Bill Davila / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Although it makes me feel approximately 1,000 years old, it's clear that the "Y2K" and '00s aesthetic is well and truly back in style now. So without further ado, here are some celebrity looks from the 2000s that I would definitely wear today:

    1. Firstly, this ICONIC Paris Hilton birthday dress from 2002:

    Paris wearing a sparkly slip dress with a plunging neckline
    Dave Benett / Getty Images

    2. I sincerely believe I would look great in this 2005 Kim K red carpet look:

    Kim wearing a tight, strappy white dress, with lace-up details on the side
    J. Vespa / WireImage

    3. Who did the bandana tops first: TikTok in 2021 or Beyoncé in 2000? OH YEAH:

    Beyoncé wearing a bandana top and embroidered jeans
    Mick Hutson / Redferns / Getty Images

    4. This '09 pink Blake Lively dress? XOXO, I love it:

    Blake Lively in a pink, strapless, tight dress that goes above the knees
    James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images

    5. This ensemble that Halle Berry wore at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards? Not sure I could pull it off, but yeah, I'd wear it:

    Halle Berry in a matching crop top and skirt, which has a whale-tail detail that looks like an exposed thong
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    6. I would wear this gorgeous Britney Spears gown. I don't know where, but I still would:

    Britney in a simple halterneck gown, with a fluffy wrap
    Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    7. Oh, and Britney's blue snakeskin pants? Yes, plssssss:

    Britney in bright snakeskin leather pants
    Steve Granitz / WireImage

    8. Check out J.Lo in this 2004 red carpet look! A vision:

    J.Lo in a nude plunging gown, with crisscross detail
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    9. I would wear every single one of these Charlie's Angels 2 red carpet looks, albeit with shoes:

    The Charlie's Angels in matching outfits, with Cameron in a strapless bodycon dress, Drew in a suit with an exposed bra, and Lucy in a plunging floor-length gown
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    10. Mariah Carey? More like Mariah Yeah-ey:

    Mariah in a matching, sparkly halterneck top and skirt combo
    Bill Davila / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    11. I would DARE to look as good as Eva Longoria at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival:

    Eva in a glittery halter-neck top gown
    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    12. I mean, LiLo, how you glow!!!

    Lindsay in a stripped crotchet dress that resembles candy
    Charles Sykes / Shutterstock

    13. I probably already own most of this Shakira look from 2002:

    Shakira in a graphic tee and acid-wash jeans
    Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    14. Sign me the fuck up for Xtina's butterfly dress:

    Christina in a sparkly dress with an asymmetrical hem and butterfly detailing
    Tim Whitby / WireImage / Getty Images

    15. Finally, I <3 this Mary J. Blige outfit! All of it!!!

    Mary in a bright, fluffy, cropped jacket with simple pants and a necklace with a diamante heart on it
    Steve Granitz / WireImage

    Are you into these looks or nah? LMK in the comments!

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