34 Super Weird Early 2000s Trends That Are Destined To Come Back No Matter How Hard You've Tried To Forget Them

    But seriously, none of these should ever come back.

    1. Belly button chains with charms on them.

    tara reid with a belly charm

    Because no belly button was complete with a necklace for their midriff.

    2. Jeans that needed to be laced up from the sides

    paris hilton with lace on jeans

    I just noticed there isn't even a zipper.

    a closeup of the jeans

    3. Jeans that needed to be laced up in the front

    Hilary Duff with lace on jeans

    People were seriously allergic to zippers.

    a closeup of the lace on jeans

    4. Bandages as an accessory for the cheek.

    Nelly with a bandaid

    As made famous by and also only worn by Nelly.

    a closeup of nelly with his bandaid

    5. Jeans under dresses.

    ann hathaway with jeans and a dress

    Jeans dragging on the ground were chic, especially when it rained.

    anne's jeans dragging

    6. Invisible eyebrows.

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie with non existent eyebrows

    Eyebrows camouflaged into the face = a must.

    Paris hilton's eye

    7. This type of sunglasses.

    ashlee simpson with rectangle sunglasses

    It's just missing the little plastic jewel or fake Swarovski crystal.

    A closeup of the sunglasses

    8. Shirts that were laced up from the front.

    Honestly, this was creative!

    a closeup of the lace

    9. Tie-on clothing, in general.

    10. Also, this crimped hair.

    xtina with crimped hair

    11. Extreme, almost magical, low-rise jeans


    12. A Party City fedora.

    "Ello, me lady!"

    a closeup of ashton kutcher and his fedora

    13. Shredded turtlenecks.

    lance bass wearing a shredded turtleneck

    Lance looking like he was attacked by a bear.

    14. Just, like, this overall look.

    Baggy ripped jeans and a popped collar

    This photo smells like walking by a Hollister.

    Baggy ripped jeans and a popped collar

    15. "Vote For Pedro" shirts.

    a vote for pedro shirt


    vote for pedro closeup

    16. Jeans with hip cut-outs with a thong string illusion.

    jeans with cutouts on the sides

    I'm not even sure.

    jeans with cutouts on the sides

    17. Distressed bootcut jeans.

    Everyone had a pair or five of these.

    a closeup of lindsay's jeans

    18. Very, very long scarves.

    Love this Juicy suit/flip-flop styling.

    19. Very large ties.

    Anne Hathaway in a large tie

    Clown couture!

    Anne's large tie

    20. Low-rise sweatpants.

    paris hilton in her low rise sweats

    Dangerously low but also comfortable!

    a closeup of paris hitlon

    21. Shirts with casual drug references.

    paris and her sister with got blow shirts

    An iconic graphic tee.

    a closeup of got blow

    22. Clothes from a high school drama club trunk.

    NSYNC with large suits

    Such a wide range of fashion fuckery.

    NSYNC with large suits

    23. Skunk highlights.

    Christina with her skid mark hair

    Skid marks <3

    christina with skun hair

    24. Ski goggles.

    AJ mcclean in goggles

    Just in case a random blizzard happens.

    a closeup of aj&#x27;s goggles on his head

    25. Very, very large suits.

    98 degrees in colorful baggy suits

    That's a whole lot of fabric!

    98 degrees in suits

    26. Jeans with the waistband cut out.

    Pink with the hip cut out of her jeans

    How did these even function?

    Pink with cut outs

    27. Long denim skirts.

    pink in a long denim skirt

    Very Sister Wives meets MTV's The Grind.

    pink&#x27;s long skirt

    28. "Designer" facial hair

    AJ mcclean with a fancy goatee

    This look was heavily sculpted.

    a closeup on AJ&#x27;s hair

    29. Extremely short bangs

    short weird cut off bangs

    Truly a look.

    short cut off bangs

    30. Feather elbow guards.

    Chirp chirp?

    31. These sunglasses.

    Brad pitt with tiny sunglasses

    The natural progression to the tiny baby sunglasses trend.

    bug like sunglasses

    32. And lastly, one exposed thong strap.

    xtina with a thong strap showing

    33. Two exposed thong straps.

    halle berry with a thong strap showing

    34. And a thong that was literally part of the outfit.

    paris hilton with her thong outfit


    the thong outfit