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    Cardi B And Offset Looked Pretty Intimate At Her Birthday, And I Can't Say I'm Surprised

    I got a plant for my last birthday.

    Cardi B just turned 28 years old!

    Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

    Amidst her birthday weekend, some wondered if there might be any developments with her relationship with Offset — whom she filed for divorce from last month.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    Why? For one, he got her a freaking birthday billboard:

    Well for her big birthday bash, Cardi had a huge party in Vegas.

    Cardi B in the middle of a crowded dancefloor
    achontishanise / Via Instagram: @achontishanise

    Remember social distancing? Anyone???

    At one point, the party went outside to marvel at one of Cardi's gifts — a new Rolls-Royce. A marching band played "WAP" in the background. It was a lot.

    Cardi smiling and looking at her new car
    bobbylytes / Via Instagram: @bobbylytes

    There was even a personalized car seat for Kulture:

    A Rolls-Royce car seat that says "Kulture" at the top
    bobbylytes / Via Instagram: @bobbylytes

    The gift giver? You guessed it: Offset.

    bobbylytes / Via Instagram: @bobbylytes

    Either that, or Cardi was SUPER appreciative to Offset for someone else's gift.

    The two danced together...

    Offset with his hands around Cardi's hips as she dances
    bobbylytes / Via Instagram: @bobbylytes

    ...and shared a kiss.

    The couple kissing by the car
    Splash News /

    Plus, the pair seemed, close at the afterparty:

    achontishanise / Via Instagram: @achontishanise

    Are they back together? Is this a one-off between former flames? Who knows, but we'll keep you posted.

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