14 Of The Best "WAP" Twitter Reactions That Made Me Chuckle

    If only we could be getting down to this in the club.

    On Friday, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion basically set the internet aflame when they dropped their saucy video for "WAP."

    Here are just some of the best Twitter reactions to the 4 minutes and 12 glorious seconds of of "WAP."

    1. First, there's the pure injustice of this song being released during widespread coronavirus restrictions:

    Can you imagine hearing WAP after 5 mimosas?

    2. Of course, the question of "What is 'WAP'?" came up:

    3. And people were quick to give it their own meanings:

    WAP= We Abolish Prisons https://t.co/LhNH0rKeLr

    4. Which presents a perfect opportunity for your next 'gram:

    I can’t wait to caption my pictures with WAP, & tell my family members it means With All Praise!

    5. And so, so much serious discussion:

    In the hit song WAP, when Megan Thee Stallion proclaims “when I ride the dick, Imma spell my name”, she is advocating for community-based literacy programs, focusing on 1:1 & small group learning opportunities. In this essay I will

    6. Although hopefully not too much "down with the kids" talk:

    Youth Pastor: ...You know who else had a wet ass pussy?

    7. And perhaps we should be thankful that Glee currently isn't on the air:

    “WAP (Glee Cast Version)” https://t.co/WXsqfOn5KF

    8. Even a song with such standout lyrics isn't immune from being sung wrong:

    This entire time I thought the lyrics in WAP were “there’s some floors in this house” and I was like yeah in terms of construction that makes sense

    9. There were the people who were, to put it mildly, shaken by the very concept of "WAP":

    If I had boring vanilla sex I’d be shocked by the lyrics of WAP too.

    10. But people were quick to point out that this isn't exactly the first time female rappers have been a little risqué:

    WAP lyrics won’t make your daughters go crazy. I was raised on Lil Kim & Trina yet here i am scared to make an onlyfans. Smh.

    11. And fans came up with their own ideas of why some listeners are so befuddled by the song:

    maybe you dont get WAP from a girl bc you rub the clit like a ticket scratcher from 7 eleven.

    12. Indeed, perhaps we needn't be so concerned about our elders:

    My grandma had 12 kids she know what WAP is. https://t.co/tQ091N7gx7

    13. And instead focus on the bigger picture:

    All these politicians critiquing the song WAP how about Worry About Pandemics

    14. And, of course, where on earth Kylie Jenner really went in the video:

    Where Kylie went after she opened the door in Cardi and Meg's #WAP video.

    What did you think of "WAP"? LMK in the comments!