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    As A Brit, I Have To Admit, These 7 Stereotypes From Movies and TV Are Pretty Wrong, But These 6 Are Pretty Spot On

    If only the men were actually like Hugh Grant rom-com characters...

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    As a Brit living abroad, I'm always curious as to what perceptions people have about the UK from film and television.

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    So I sat down with the wonderful Moni González from BuzzFeed LATAM to chat about what perceptions she had about the UK — and some were admittedly pretty spot on. Here are some of the biggest differences and similarities that IRL Brits share with their media counterparts:

    1. We don't all live in picturesque manor houses, like in Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey.

    the home from Downton Abbey
    Jaap Buitendijk / Focus Features / courtesy Everett Collection

    I have *gasp* lived in an apartment. 

    2. We don't all sound like Tom Hiddleston.

    Hiddleston at Comic Con
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    There's a TON of accents across the UK.

    3. We're not all super polite, like a Hugh Grant character.


    This goes out to the men who swore at me on the 40 bus. 

    4. And, alas, the men aren't all romantic Hugh Grant types.


    This also goes out to the men who swore at me on the 40 bus. 

    5. Despite shows like The Crown, we're not all actually obsessed with the Royal family.

    The Queen wearing her crown in the Netflix series

    6. Brits don't actually all hang out in the tourist spots in London.

    downtown london
    Warner Bros.

    That is, where the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and much more are. While I do love a nice pint in South Bank, it's not the only place people go — I've never even been on the London Eye. 

    7. Parents don't let us completely loose as teenagers, like in Skins.

    teens laughing together
    Channel 4

    However, by the sounds of things, they are certainly less strict than in Mexico. 

    8. However, with shows like Skins and Misfits, Brits are admittedly fairly open about drug use — at least on our screens.

    Channel 4

    We're not all like obsessed with coke, but you can be less secretive than in other places. 

    9. And, as Naked Attraction might imply, a bit of nudity is not a huge deal.

    censored genitals in a still from this series
    Channel 4

    Saying that, adding the emojis to this was a bit scarring.

    10. While we're not all quite Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It, we do fucking love to swear.


    Or at least I sound like a sailor in comparison to Americans. 

    11. And tea? Yeah, Brits are into it.

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    12. Brits also bloody love a good pint.

    men holding large glasses of beer
    Channel 4

    13. Finally, the weather is admittedly pretty crappy.

    @paddingtonbear / Via

    It doesn't ALWAYS rain, but it can get kinda gray. 

    Are there any stereotypes about the UK that you've found to be way off? LMK in the comments!

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