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    Sigh, Bow Wow Played At A Packed Club In Houston — And The Tweets Are Quite Something

    "Y’all risking y’all lives for...BOW WOW?"

    Bow Wow is facing a ton of backlash after videos of him performing at a packed nightclub were posted to social media.

    Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

    The gig took place in Houston, where the pandemic is currently raging, on Friday night to celebrate a club promoter's birthday. A largely maskless crowd can be seen singing along to his song "Like You."

    Bow Wow got the club packed in Houston

    Meek Mill and J. Prince Jr. were reportedly also there.

    Bow Wow even shared footage of the packed club to his own Instagram story:

    Bow Wow / Via Instagram: @shadmoss

    According to the club's Instagram, face masks are required.

    And it's safe to say that the social media backlash was pretty swift:

    Y’all risking y’all lives for......... BOW WOW?

    Twitter: @dynastyycolee

    So wait, people risking their life in a packed club to see BOW WOW??? BOW WOW?

    Twitter: @ratedRIAN

    Going to see Bow Wow in a pandemic, we are stuck in this for a long time. Selfish idiots.

    Twitter: @Nigerianscamsss

    Even Zach Braff got involved:

    I thought about it and have decided I’m not willing to die for Bow Wow.

    Twitter: @zachbraff

    It wasn't too long before Bow Wow himself got tweeting — once he'd woken up. In a series of now-deleted tweets, he wrote:

    Bow Wow / Via Twitter: @smoss
    Bow Wow / Via Twitter: @smoss
    Bow Wow / Via Twitter: @smoss
    Bow Wow / Via Twitter: @smoss
    Bow Wow / Via Twitter: @smoss

    FYI, Houston's 14-day average COVID-19 positivity rate is currently 17.4%. Harris County has crossed Texas' hospitalization threshold and bars are supposed to have been shut down to just pick up service, as per Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order.

    Two medical workers at the hospital
    Go Nakamura / Getty Images

    Welp, he certainly should have Bow-ed out of this one.