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    I Can't Stop Thinking About These Celebrity Outfits From This Past Week

    I think I'm obsessed with Halsey's dress.

    Hi, hi, how are you? I've had an absolutely crap week, tbh, so I'm going for one of the things that can reliably cheer me up: fashion.

    Without further ado, here are some of the best celeb looks of the past week.

    1. Halsey looking like a gothic dream in a Dolce & Gabbana dress with Loree Rodkin jewelry:

    Halsey on the red carpet in all black: cross necklace, stockings with garter, minidress, high heels, and long, sheer gloves

    2. Olivia Rodrigo wearing a Raf Simons knit sweater and an adorable crocheted skirt:

    3. Megan Thee Stallion with a beaded Bottega Veneta bag that I cannot stop staring at:

    4. Fala Chen in a taffeta LBV dress paired with a Boucheron arrow necklace at the UK Shang-Chi premiere:

    Fala Chen on the red carpet in a long, strapless white dress, standing with hand on hip

    5. Simu Liu, also at the Shang-Chi premiere, in a Grayscale suit:

    Simu Liu on the red carpet in a suit with hand in pants pocket

    6. Sydney Sweeney looking like a vintage movie star arriving at the D&G event in Venice:

    Sydney standing in a boat and wearing sunglasses

    7. And Jennifer Lopez wearing a Dolce & Gabbana coat I can't quite process, also at the D&G event in Venice:

    Jennifer wearing an ornate outfit and headpiece and looking surprised

    8. Dua Lipa wearing an oversize Balenciaga jacket and a knit bucket hat I need in my life come fall:

    Dua looking to the side while wearing a black jacket and cartoon T-shirt and holding a cellphont

    9. Kendall Jenner wearing a textured dress from Daniel Lee’s collection for Bottega Veneta that I kinda wanna touch:

    10. Demi Lovato in a retro-inspired Gucci dress:

    11. Finally, Normani wearing Dion Lee, with a netted skirt that looks immaculate on her but I fear would make me look like a ham:

    What are your fave looks of the week? LMK in the comments!