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    Ashley Graham Posted A Super Candid Instagram Video Of Her Postpartum Stretch Marks And I'm So Here For It

    Stretch πŸ‘ marks πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ normal πŸ‘.

    So, with all the celebrity babies being born this year, we've gotten to see a lot of awesome new moms being super candid about their postpartum bods.

    One of these new moms is supermodel Ashley Graham, who gave birth to her son, Isaac, in January.

    In a new video on her Instagram, Ashley posted her making a heart sign around her stretch marks β€” which I can't help but heart as well.

    As someone who's also had a fair few new stretch marks pop up during the pandemic β€” without birthing a whole baby β€” it's a nice reminder to just love your body, gosh darn it.

    This isn't the first time time Ashley has opened up about her changing physique β€” she previously said, "With a new postpartum body, I thought that things were going to feel different, and that they were going to look different. And they do, but it's a newfound joy in that."

    Keep on posting, Ashley β€” I'm so here for it!